Cannot hear recording when playing back .aup3, have to exprt to mp3 to hear it

My setup: Dell Laptop connected to a manually operated switch that switches between a MIDI device and USB external speaker system. When recording the source is the MIDI device (no issue recording).

When I attempt to play the .aup3 file there is no audio, the file is good and can be exported to an MP3 and then played.

Without exiting Audacity and after recording the MIDI audio, attempting to playback the .aup3 file does not work. The Laptop USB is connected to a switch that selects either the external speakers or a MIDI device (MIDI device is Roland TD17 Drum Kit module). I have tried selecting the Audacity Audio Setup “Rescan the audio devices” when I switch between recording and playback, then verify the Laptop has the external USB speakers selected and select play on Audacity (.aup3 file), no audio. Also, during the recording I do not hear any audio while Audacity records the file.

Only after I export the Audicity .aup3 file to an MP3 can I then select the MP3 file and listen to the Audacity recorded audio via the external speaker system noted above.

The Audacity Audio Setup for recording is:
Playback Device: OUT 93-TD-17 (the MIDI device)
Record Device: IN (3-TD-17) (the MIDI device)
Record Channel: Stereo

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