Cannot hear playback on Windows 10 or Windows 7

I have just installed Audacity. I have tried recording on two devices: one, a laptop running Windows 7; and two, a Desktop running Windows 10. In both cases, I can record, but I cannot hear the playback. I have done everything listed in the troubleshooting section, but I can get neither computer to play the audio. I also cannot hear the media file playback after I have recorded it. Help?

I have tried recording on two devices

Recording what on two devices?


From a USB phonograph to the Windows 10 and the Windows 7 computers

Why have I lost sound after connecting a USB device on Windows?

thanks for the response, but as I indicated above, I have worked through all of the published troubleshooting guides and I am still unable to hear what I am recording. I have already worked through this page. Is there anything that I can try beyond this point?

Please post a screenshot of the Playback tab of your Windows Sound Control Panel.

I have tried to post a screenshot, but this forum won’t allow me to copy it here. I don’t see any way to attach a file copy. I appreciate the attempts to help, but this process is very frustrating.

If you have wrapped the screenshot in a proprietary document format, perhaps. If you capture a PNG file you can attach it.

You can use Windows Snipping Tool to capture and save a PNG file. Click the Windows globe then type “snip” (without quotes) to find the tool. Then please see here for how to attach files: