cannot hear music

my new record player came with a usb hookup and the audacity CD. Its seems to be recording fine but I cannot listed to what it is recording. I checked the FAQ board and did 2 things… first I clicked on monitor input that didnt work. Then I went to preferences and Under audio I/Q I clicked on software playthrough and that didnt work. My sirius internet radio plays fine… no problem with any mute buttons being turned on.
The only thing I cannot do is turn up the microphone bar up high… it wont let me. I am running windows XP Any ideas?

Go to the Device tab in Audacity Preferences and set the Playback device explicitly to your computer sound device.

I already tried that… still cannot here it Thanks anyway!

You’ll need to tell us about your system.

You’ve got Windows XP (SP2/SP3?)
You have a … turntable and a … sound card.
You are using Audacity version …
Your Audacity Preferences are set to record from … and playback through …

fill in some blanks, plus any other information that you think may help.