Cannot hear exported file on other players[SOLVED]

I have recently installed Audacy 2.0.3 to record the output of an EZCAP USB Cassette Capture device and have successfully configured Audacy so that I can hear the music while it is being recorded. After finishing recording and exporting it to either WAV or MP3 formats the exported music can be heard through Audacy; however when trying to play these files through either Windows Media Player, Foobar or Total Recorder I get no sound. In the last two software, although no sound is produced, the wave patterns appear in the graphic analyzer. My operating system is Windows 7 Home Premium SP1, my computer is a Dell Studio XPS 9100, the audio card is a Sound Blaster X-Fi Xtreme. The EZCAP is connect directly to a PC USB port with a USB cable. How can this problem be solved?

Go into the Windows Control Panels and make sure Windows is trying to play music to your speakers. It’s a very common error that Windows is trying to send the music back to your cassette player.

You may also get around this by unplugging the cassette player from the computer.


Many thabks for the suggestions, unplugging the cassette player solved the probem.