Cannot hear anything through headphones!

Hi all I when I am recording IE Music / singing I cannot hear anything through my headphones. When I play back what I have recorded I can hear through my headphones. Any ides please…Thank You.

  1. Do you mean “for example, music / singing” or do you mean “Internet Explorer music”, or something else?
  2. If you are recording with a microphone, what is the make / model and how is it connected to your computer?
  3. How do your headphones connect to the computer?

Sorry for lack of info…Mic is a Shure SM58 into front of PC (Mic In) Headphones Panasonic not sure of model again into Headphones in front of PC. Recording Keyboard and singing. As I say I can record but cannot hear at the time what I am of recording through headphone!

I assume that you are wanting to hear the “live” microphone input while you sing.

Unfortunately built-in sound cards do not provide “direct monitoring”, so the only way to hear the live input from the mic is to use “Software Playthrough”, but routing the sound through the computer is slow and creates a very noticeable (and off-putting) delay. You can try it (“Transport menu > Transport Options > Software Playthrough”) but I think you will be better off without it.