cannot get track onto my iPhone?

I made a ringtone ,and it was successful,it has showed up on music for iPhone on my computer,but cannot get it off my computer to my iPhone 8 plus? I am very new to this phone,and not sure how to fully navigate this IOS environment. After downloading the LAME file,exported it.made the track on my Toshiba laptop win 7 (downgraded from 10). my Audacity is ver 2.2.2. never had a problem with my Android . tried to drag it to a plylist within MUSIC,but ti only stays in the library in the app ? does not show in MUSIC on the phone at all? plugged the phone in no luck there.thought it would be in the icloud by now? cannot find it there? thanks for the help.

We can only help you with the “Audacity” aspects of your question (unless someone on the forum has the exact same hardware and has done it themselves).

What is the exact format that you require?
Example: “MP3, 64kbps, mono, CBR”

What is the size / length limit for the required file?

sorry to be such a noob. it is a 20 sec Mp3,saved it exported it to my desktop , documents etc on my laptop, but cannot get it on to my itune or phone directly? the originl unedited track turned up in the itunes library on my computer, but the itunes music on the phone shows nothing? bit cannot get it to a play list or off my computer on to my phone,which is the point of making my mp3 for the phone? there is an app on the phone ,Garage band to do nearly the same but cannot get that to work this was easier ,but now difficult? thanks! sorry i posted this in the wrong place?

See here for how to get audio from Audacity into iTunes: Tutorial - Exporting to Apple Music/iTunes - Audacity Manual

close! did all the steps.expoerted to iTunes as Mp3, the file is in iTunes on my computer,but it is still saved as the original unedited form?,not as the 10 second ringtone mp3? and it is not showing in the music library on iTunes app in my phone?

Is there an Apple Store near you? Genius Bar or Classes? That may be faster than trying to find an Apple expert with experience in this area on the forum. As above, we can talk you through making the sound and creating the files, but beyond that, Apple Music Management is a black hole. I compare it to those old sea maps where some unexplored parts were labeled “Here dwell monsters.”