Cannot Get Noise Profile with latest version of Audacity

I have used Audacity for several years and I have never had a problem removing ‘noise’ from a recording before. In some of my recordings I get a ‘drone’ like noise (not the fault of Audacity … this is created from my recording equipment). What I have always done is:

  1. Highlight a section of the ‘drone’ sound in an area before my recording starts (by dragging the mouse across it).
  2. In Effect, click on Noise Reduction…. This tells Audacity what the noise is.
  3. Select All. Then with Reduce highlighted, click OK. The ‘drone’ noise is remove from the whole recording.

This has worked a treat with every version of Audacity I have had apart from the latest one. When I click on Get Noise Profile I get the following message: “Value not in range 0 to 24.” And that’s it. Have to close it down.

The noise is definitely there, and is at the same volume as I have had before. I have put my MP3 file into an old Desktop computer I have running Windows XP where I have WavePad Sound Editor installed from NCH Software. Carrying out the same process as I have described above I have had no problem identifying the section of noise and removing it.

So why will Audacity no longer do this?

Which version of Audacity? (look in “Help menu > About Audacity”)
What settings do you have in the Noise Reduction effect?