Cannot get Lame Encoder to work

I downloaded lame encoder on my lion 10.17 (using audacity 2.0.3) and I get all the way to the last step, opening libraries, getting the mp3 window, clicking on browse and in attempting to follow this step…The “Where is libmp3lame.dylib?” window will open at /usr/local/lib/audacity; select “libmp3lame.dylib”, click “Open” then “OK” and “OK”.

My computer shows the /usr/local/lib/audacity but in front of this “libmp3lame.dylib” it shows the word “Only” and then a space and then and the word “ok” is grayed out. Only “libmp3lame.dylib”

I tried uninstalling lame and reinstalling and the same thing happened. Can anyone help me understand what is happening and what to do to correct this?

I downloaded audacity and lame to my pc and had no problems at all. And on this mac, I am baffled. I have just edited a recording and need to upload it by tomorrow for a client as an mp3 and my hands are tied!!

Thanks so much,

Probably Apple are locking the folder.

I would suggest downloading the zip of LAME instead, following these instructions .

Try putting the extracted libmp3lame.dylib in the folder you installed Audacity into and restarting Audacity. You should be able to export MP3 straight away, but if not, do the same procedure as before but this time, locating the extracted libmp3lame.dylib.