Cannot Get FFmpeg Recognized by Audacity [SOLVED]

Every time I try to import a sound or music, box poops up saying “Audacity does not recognize file”, and to download FFmpeg and LAME.
I’ve downloaded both, and Audacity still will not load onto a track from my preference file. WHAT am I doing wrong??? I do exactly as the instructions say to do and can’t import.

You may be trying to import a file that is not in a supported format, or a corrupt file.
To find the file format, upload it to this page:
What does that page say the format is?

This is all showed after I used the browser to upload a sound file:33987slowatmospheremusic.htm
File size : 24.6 KiB

That’s it.
What on earth am I doing wrong??? I really thought I was better at computers than this. BTW…BIG THANKS for answering my post!

The file isn’t an audio file.
I presume that you tried to download an audio file from the Internet, and you got this file instead. The file extension “.htm” is a web page - you’ve downloaded the web page rather than the audio file.
This can sometimes happen when you “Right click” to “Save As” rather than “Left click”. Try downloading the file again.

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! this has been driving me crazy!!! I finally downloaded a working file!!! HAHHAHAHAHA
Thanks a bunch!