Cannot Get Audacity to Record

OK, so I’ve been using Audacity for years and have never had this problem.

I just updated to the newest version because Audacity was crashing every two seconds and now I simply cannot record anything.

The VU meter shows no activity even though I never disconnect the mic. And I have it cranked up all of the way

When I click record, it doesn’t. The red tracking arrow just blinks and remains in one space. It doesn’t advance and there’s no recording.

Very bizarre!

Please help!


You posted in a portion of the forum where we can’t tell anything about you. We need to find out a lot more to diagnose the problem. Windows? Which one? Which Audacity? How much hard drive space do you have?

What kind of microphone and how do you have it connected?

That will give us a push. Please note that reinstalling Audacity doesn’t reinstall Audacity, so one step at a time.


Actually, I just fixed the problem. It seems all I had to do was unplug the mic and then plug it back in again. Then Windows detected it and all is good.

So it was a USB microphone. It would have been good to know that.

I have the same problem only different. When I push pause and record, the input meter goes all the way over and it’s in red. It doesn’t record anything either. I just bought a new computer and it uses windows 7. I have been using xp and version 1.3.something and I’ve never had a problem before. any ideas?

Push Pause again to release the Pause?

I have the problem that audacity does’t record the audio cassettes (neither waveforms nor playback).
I use Windows7, Audacity 2, the cassette player is connected to the computer trough AD-320 USB. The same worked last week, but then I suppose the boy of a friend changed anything…
The prefrences are set as indicated and I couldn’t find any solution in all the tutorials, faqs, etc. Recording via microphone works fine so I hope it’s not a problem of the AD-320 USB (I bought it a few weeks ago and it worked till last week).
I’d be happy about any hints… Thanks in advance!

Please start a new topic on the forum board here: Windows - Audacity Forum

Please read this topic before posting:

ok - problem solven: it was this tiny tiny symbol for the input slider in the operating system mixer device that was off…

My guess is that it’s a step toward making us pay to use Audacity. Audacity used to be so simple to use that you didn’t even need to look at the “directions.” Now, you have to ask around until someone knowledgeable can help you.

Keep in mind that a lot has changed in the last 12 years since this thread started. For one, Windows has gotten more “helpful”, and many user problems are caused by that “helpfulness”. I put “helpful” in quotes because it’s only helpful for certain audio applications like live meetings (think Zoom or Teams) but is anything but helpful for recording raw microphone input to a recording application like Audacity.

Besides, do you believe that Audacity “used to be” so simple to use 12 years ago or less? If yes then your accusation is completely baseless.