Cannot get Audacity to record stereo

I have used Audacity for over 15 years, and always found a way to line up the recording and playback to get a good stereo recording off of my turntable. Until now. No matter what combinations of input and output, and with everything set to stereo, only one channel can be recorded and heard. I have Audacity set up with two channels, but now the channels are identical. I’ve experimented with old records that have extreme stereo separation, and confirmed that it is only one channel, not a combination of both. My turntable, an Audio-Technica ATLP120XBT-USB, has worked fine in the past, so I’m not sure what the problem is. The speakers attached to the turntable play in stereo. I even plugged in another USB cable, with the same result. That seems to mean that either something on my laptop, something in my turntable, or something in Audacity is causing the problem. I’m sending this on the off chance that others have made you aware of this problem, and that there might be a method of fixing it from the Audacity corner of the universe.

Can you determine whether this is a recording problem or a computer playback problem ?

You could for example Generate a Tone track and PAN it left, then Tracks > Add New Mono, the Generate a DTMF and PAN it right. Do your speakers give you full separation ?

One place to look to start trouble-shooting is [Windows-key]-R, mmsys.cpl, then Recording/Playback tab, select the device, then explore all of the property windows.

Check to make sure Windows is also set for stereo with the USB device.

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