Cannot get 2 tracks for respective 2 imported for crossfade

Cannot get 2 tracks for respective 2 audio files to be imported for cross fading.
a) When I import the no 1 file, i occupies in normal way the 2 two stereo tracks for it.
b) When I import the the no 2 file, it “eats up” & replaces the no 1 file.
c) I opened also first two tracks and tried to have the no 2 clip to the lower track, but did not work.

PS. A newbie I am - but have already succesfully experimented with quite many features of Audacity, a.o. fading in and out by the great Envelope tool. Also made some narrations with vocal backgrounded with music.
But - to repeat myself - I don’t manage to get those two tracks for the respective audio files to be imported.
My goal is to build a longer music file with a number of songs, all with succesive crossfades, to make a music background for a slide show type presentation.

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It doesn’t. If you use File > Import > Audio… and select the second file or drag the second file into the project, it appears underneath the first file. This means the two files mix together because they are at the same position on the Timeline.

After importing the second file, click somewhere in the blue waveform to select only that track, then press F5 on the keyboard to change to Time Shift Tool.

Now you can click and drag the second track rightwards to near the end of the other file.


Thanks a lot.