Cannot Find My C Library - Visual Studio 2013 - Win 10

Audacity 2.1.2 - Windows 10 - VS13
Dear All,
I am probably out on a limb here posting this here but I am pretty much stuck. I have created a C Library which I want to use in Audacity. I compiled the library seperately, in a Visual Studio Project - called riv-c-api, and I configured it in the Properties to have Configuration type “Static Library”, which it creates.
It places the .obj’s in the c:/Project/riv-c-api-riv-c-api/Release directory, and creates a bunch of other files including riv-c-api.dll and riv-c-api.lib there.

I then try to use this library in Audacity. The Include file holds the prototype for the function(s) I need, is included in the C++ additional includes, and the program
in question compiles just fine. When I go to link - it gives me an Unresolved External. The Library Additional Directory has my Directory from above
“C:\Project\riv-c-api\riv-c-api\Release” and my library Input file is also configured (riv-c-api.lib).
It still does not find the function. I am doing the exact same thing with a MYSQL Library that I use as well, and it finds that just fine.

At my wits end about what I am missing here. I used the browser functionality to point at the correct directories […] So I know it is pointing at the right place.

Anyone run into this problem with an external Library in Visual Studio?
I may have to resort to trying Cygwin - but I really don’t want to go down that rabbit hole…

Thanks in advance for any ideas.

Todd Baker

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