Cannot find Line in is Audacity 2.2.0

Win 10 64 bit Dell Inspiron 3668 Audacity 2.2.0
I have tried MME, Windows Direct Sound, and Windows WASPI. The only “Mic” I can find in Recording Device is for WebCam with USB. I have a stereo analog source plugged into Mic on the back. I usually have my Headphone Mic plugged in for phone calls.

I have checked FAQ and they will mention, ‘yadda yadda Line In’, as if it is a given. [I could have missed something. Old age and bad cold can easily make me look like a fool.]

I am trying to input audio from a Yamaha CDR-HD1300 HDD/CD Recorder line out. [124 hours of un-compressed audio. Yay! - old enough that today’s CD-R discs look like “Data” discs - I have to use “Music” discs. Boo! So, I need Line out to line/Mic in.]

Any light shined through the fog of my ignorance would be much appreciated!


Ack! Line In in Audacity

Take a look in the Windows Sound Control Panel. Go to the Recording tab and check what devices are available and enabled.


On my Dell I have to use an external audio box and install the drivers for it.
Then I can select that device to record stereo.

The mike in is mono only on mine.
And the line out is way too hot to feed into line in without an attenuator.

My laptop does not have the stereo line in like the desktop did.