Cannot find how to extract start-end time & duration for eac

Audacity: 2.0.3
Windows 7 Home Premium x64 SP1 Build 7601

My files either in mp3 or wav format.

These files are video subtitles (sub) converted into sound.
Each file is an audio track and all tracks structured the same way.

The structure is: Silence Gap(sg), Sub

So it goes like this: sg,Sub,sg,Sub,sg,Sub… till track ends.

All sg(s) and Sub(s) have variable length.

I am looking for start-end time and duration(if available) for each Sub within the track.
Having Silence Gap data would be helpful as well.


In Audacity a “silence” and a “gap” are not quite the same thing.
This image shows two “silences” with a “gap” between them:
In your description, is “sg” a “Silence” or a “Gap”?

If it is a “Gap” then you can get the times by double clicking on a “Sub” to select it, then read the time from the Selection Toolbar

Sorry for confusion and thank you for clarifying “silence” and “gap”.

It is silence only. There is no “gaps” in the track.

Hopefully, there is a process that reads the track and create a list of all
Sub start/end times.


Try using “Sound Finder” to mark all of the “Subs”.
You can then tab across from one label to the next and read off the times from the Selection Toolbar.


Thanks for your guidance.
It’s indeed helped me with my analysis.