Cannot Export-Multiple Just One Selected Track

I have 2.0.5 on Windows XP SP3 installed from .exe.

I had recorded a tape that had a sequence of one type of recordings followed by a sequence of another type of recordings.
I split the original track at their junction with the second half put in a new track.
I then edited and labeled all with one label track.

I was irritated to find that I could not then “export multiple” each track separately.
You know, like an “Export Multiple Selection” function would supposedly do.

I did not want to rework lots of stuff so I did an Export Multiple of the whole thing, re-organized the files, and manually edited ID3 information.

I thought what I wanted to do made good sense but apparently not.
Is it something worth providing?

There was another request recently from someone who wanted to Export Multiple from within an Export Selected. It makes perfect sense, but, no, I don’t think it will do that, either. Koz


Yes you can do what you wanted to do, but you need two label tracks.
If there is more than one label track, Export Multiple uses the upper one.

So what you needed to do was, split the original track, then add labels for the first half.
Then drag that label track to the top of the screen out of the way.
Continue to add labels for the second half (a new label track will be created (provided that you don’t select the first label track).
When you Export Multiple, the upper label track will be used.
Then drag that first label track down to the bottom, or simply delete it, and run Export Multiple again.