Cannot export modified audio to MP3

I am using Windows 10, Audacity 2.1.2

I imported audio from two different MP3s to Audacity. I combined parts of the two MP3s (songs I bought) in order to create a new audio piece that I now want to export from Audacity. My Audacity file is 5.28 minutes long. When I export my audacity file to MP3, it exports the audio from one of the original MP3s from which I created the Audacity file and is only 2.59 minutes long (the length of that original MP3s). I didn’t have this problem with an older Window version or older version of Audacity. I am using this audio for a musical freestyle equestrian competition and need to make a CD soon. I hope this all makes sense. I hope you can help.

For making a CD, you should export as “16-bit WAV”.
Exporting as MP3 will needlessly reduce the sound quality, whereas 16-bit WAV format (which is basically the same format as CDs use) won’t.

Does it work if you export as WAV?

No, still doesn’t work. I’m guessing that there is some lock on the original audio MP3 songs that I downloaded. Any way around that? thanks

Ok, I figured it out. I had to copy my audicity file and paste into a new audicity file and then I exported as WAV and now I can make the CD! .