Cannot export labels in desired format

I want to export the data shown in the “Label Edit” window to a text file, with start time and end time each indicated in the format of “00h00m00,000s”.
When I actually export the labels, I get a format of 0.000000.
Is there a way to export the start/end times in “00h00m00,000s” format?

If there is not a way, would it be possible to copy the data and paste it to a text file such as WORD?

It would be so much easier if this is possible.

Thank you for your support.

No. The format is in seconds. it’s a feature request to export labels to another time format, though you can name the labels with the hours, minutes and seconds they refer to.

If you wish you can open the exported label.txt file in a spreadsheet program like EXCEL or OpenOffice Calc. The program should either put the label start time, label end time and label text into separate cells, or it should ask how the fields are delimited and you can tell it that the fields are delimited by tabs. Then you could write a formula to convert the time fields to hours, minutes and seconds if there is not such a formula already.


Dear Gale,
Thank you so much for the explanation. I will try creating a formula in EXCEL. Thank you again.