Cannot Export full audio

I am running Audacity 2.1.3 on Windows 10. I have recorded 171 hours, 41 minutes, and 44 seconds of audio. This audio is not something I can recapture. When I Export it only exports a 15.2 GB file (15,231,248 KB to be exact) which shows and plays as 3 hours, 55 minutes, 24 seconds of audio.
I have 1.26 TB of disk space so that is not an issue, and I am choosing File Export Audio, not Export Selected Audio.
Can anyone tell me how I can I export the entire 171 hours of Audio.

What format? WAV (Microsoft) poops out at either 2GB or 4GB depending on what you’re going to use it for. That’s one is pretty vicious. You play the WAV file back and you only get the last fifteen minutes of the multi-hour show. WAV got to the end of its abilities and just dropped everything and started over.

Audacity doesn’t do surveillance recording very well. There’s lots of gotchas in the pathway. I wouldn’t be surprised if the other formats have upper-end restrictions as well.

I personally would chop the show up into multi-hour WAV files and make separate sound files for each segment until you figure it out.

A 6-hour, mono, perfect quality WAV file comes in at about 1.91GB. So that’s safe. Bust the show up into 6-hour segments with sequential names.

If it’s a stereo show (two blue waves), then you’re stuck with 3-hour chunks. That’s 57 Stereo WAV sound files.

Google your brains out to find the size restrictions of the different formats. It comes down to how many bits they can address in normal operation. Remember the compressed sound formats (MP3) all introduce some distortion to the work. The tiny files are not “free.”


You can Save the work as an Audacity Project. Someone will post how much work you can save like that, but Projects can be brittle and that’s not recommended for archive safety.

What’s the work? Is your next post how to dig voices out of background noise?

Was this a bird microphone in the forest—middle of nowhere?


In Audacity? Does it play correctly?

If you have a working Audacity project, then I’d suggest exporting as a series of files rather than one massive file. As koz wrote, the maximum size for a WAV file is 4 GB.
Use “Regular Interval Labels” first (, then “Export Multiple” (

Recently I got this problem and get rid of it by renaming and saving the file. You can do it as under. Cut some part of file, where there is silence and save the file renaming it. Problem will be solved.