Cannot Export Entire File [SOLVED]

I’m using Audacity 2.0.6 on a Windows 8 machine (64 bit).

I have recorded an internet radio station for 11 hours in stereo. The audio recorded perfectly into Audacity and replay is fine. I recorded by simply going to the station’s home page, starting play, and clicking record on Audacity.

My problem is that when I try to “Export” the file to “WAV (Microsoft) signed PCM 16” the project converts to a 4 hour 49 minute file. The converted file plays fine, except for the fact that the other 7 plus hours didn’t convert. I’ve retried this several times. I’ve tried selecting the entire file and then using “Export Selection” instead of “Export” but in every time it converts to a 4 hr 49 min file rather than the full 11 hours.

Any suggestions on how to export the entire project?

Don’t export to WAV (or AIFF). Both are limited according to their format specification to 4 GB maximum file size and many players won’t play such files if they are above 2 GB.

If you want a lossless copy, export to FLAC, which is about half the file size of WAV. In Audacity 2.0.6, FLAC exports do not have a file size limitation. In Audacity for Windows before version 2.0.6, FLAC exports are limited to 2 GB.


Thanks Gale, that did the trick!