Cannot export audio!

I’ve been using Audacity for nearly a year with no problems, but today when I export my Audacity Project File to an audio file, there is no audio on the file that it creates. This has nothing to do with Windows 10 (I’ve installed LAME, and I’ve created many working audio files on Windows 10). Does anyone have any ideas for troubleshooting??

Make sure you have Audacity 2.1.2 from Please see the pink panel at the top of the page for how to determine your Audacity version.

If you are using a USB recording device, see

You can also drag the exported file back into Audacity to see if it contains tall blue waves or not. Turning down the -…+ gain slider on the track can cause you to export silent audio.


I don’t know how to delete a post on this forum, but I have resolved the issue. (If moderators want to delete this thread, please go ahead and do so.)


As this is a help forum for Audacity users, we prefer to “close” topics but leave them available so that other users that have similar problems may find a solution by searching the forum.

For the benefit of other users, perhaps you could say how?