Cannot export Audacity file to other file formats

I’m using Version 2.0.0 on Win 7, downloaded from .exe installer. The first and second times, I tried exporting to WAV and MP3, respectively. Both times when I tried to save the file in the respective formats, the software would default to .xml and create an Internet tag.
Next I uninstalled and reinstalled the software and repeated the above and received the same results. I cannot get the software to save the file as a WAV or MP3 version. Please help.
BTW - Thanks for creating the software. My schoolmates and I use it for our projects. And given the economic climate, you are truly helping us with our studies.

Audacity does not “Save” audio files, it saves “Audacity Projects”. To create a normal audio file you must “Export”. See here for details:

You’re in the Metadata Editor, right?

Clicking “Save” in this dialog will indeed save an XML file of the ID3 tags. Simply click “OK” in the Metadata Editor, then continue with the export.

If you don’t need the Metadata (and it’s pretty useless in a WAV file, but good in an MP3), go to the Import/Export Preferences
[ ] and uncheck “Show metadata editor prior to export step”.

You can still edit the metadata by explicitly choosing File > Open Metadata Editor before doing File > Export.

– Bill