Cannot export all labesl or files

Using Audacity 2.3.0 on Windows 10.

I have saved a project with labels but when I try to expert as either WAV or MP3 with labels (multiple) it seems the first track/label is not recognized and the program seems to believe there are more tracks than there really are. See example file attached.
Go-Gos -.aup (110 KB)

Couldn’t open your file - error message said files missing. As far as I can recollect labels placed in the track itself, are saved with the project in Audacity’s own format.

Are referring to metadata dialogue box when exporting mp3’s?

That project has one stereo audio track, and one label track.

What do you get if you do: “File menu > Export > Export Labels”?
(please attach the exported “Label Track.txt” file to your reply)

This is what I get when I do as you suggested.
Label Track.txt (456 Bytes)

Apart from the “Our Lips Are Sealed”, which I assume you moved from 1.846 seconds to 2.415 seconds, the label track matches up exactly with the AUP file.

The label from 0.000000 seconds to 2093.413764 seconds may be messing up Export Multiple.