Cannot enter label info after Ctrl + M

Hi. Is there somewhere I can download an earlier, legacy version of Audacity? I recently had to re-install all the software on my Windows 10 machine; So I downloaded and installed Audacity 2.2.2. :smiley: I use the Ctrl-M feature heavily to annotate my recordings. :smiley: With my prior version of Audacity 2.2.1(?), I could type Ctrl-M and enter my label while the recording was playing. :smiley:

This no longer works under 2.2.2. :frowning: The label is created, but I cannot type directly into the label while the recording is playing. :frowning: Now, for each label, I have to stop the playback, edit the label, then restart the playback. It used to take an hour to annotate a one hour recording. :smiley: Now it can take twice that long. :frowning: Perhaps I am missing a simple preferences setting ? :confused:

I am happy to work under an older version of Audacity, but when I go to the legacy page, all I see is 2.0.6. I don’t need to go back that far. When I try to download 2.2.1, audacity routes me to the 2.2.2 download. :cry:

What to do ?

Thanks for posting. I think this may be a bug (I don’t recall it being discussed as a “feature”).

Recent old versions are available from OldFoss:
Note that if you use Audacity 2.2.1, overwriting a project that has already been saved using “Save Project As” (rather than “Save Project”) can cause data loss).

We’ve logged this as a bug on our bugtracker:

Good catch Jademan - thanks for the report :sunglasses:


Thanks for the replies, guys. :smiley:

With your link, I was able to download Audacity 2.2.1 and am now a very happy camper, indeed. :smiley: That doesn’t mean I won’t use 2.2.2 for other projects. :wink:

Also, thanks for going to the trouble of creating a bug report. :sunglasses: :ugeek: :sunglasses: