Cannot edit

I have Audacity 2.0.6. I have a song I want to edit to shorten and fade out. (Need for a karaoke skit). First I converted an mp4 to wav in itunes. I opened audacity and that song. I stopped, did not pause and moved the arrows where the numbers are across the top of the wave forms to 2.0 and went to edit, remove special, trim audio. Instead of trimming, the arrows shot to the end of the song and greyed out the entire area and it will not let me do anything to edit it, or make it not grey unless I start over and reopen the file. I went back to itunes to see if I purchases a protected song and it says “purchased AAC audio file”. What am I doing wrong and how can I edit this song? I don’t know if I did the attachment correct, but tried to send a shot of the greyed out, arrows over the entire song to show what is happening.

I went back to itunes to see if I purchases a protected song and it says “purchased AAC audio file”.

I don’t know what the problem is, but the track is NOT copy protected… If it were copy-protected you wouldn’t be able to open it in Audacity.

I am able to edit this song in a video program, but it will not save in the format that I would like to have it in.

Audacity will Export in many different advanced formats with the addition of the FFMpeg software.


Dragging in the Timeline above the blue waves does not select audio - it plays the area (bounded by the arrows) that you drag. You cannot edit while audio is playing.

To select audio for trim, drag the region in the blue waves that you want to keep.

If it’s easier, drag-select what you want to delete and press DELETE on your keyboard.

The audio in the track is entirely selected - see Selecting Audio - Audacity Manual.

If you select no audio then edit, the entire audio of the project becomes selected and the edit is applied to the entire project.