Cannot Edit Preferences Audacity 2.0

I have both Fedora 16 and openSUSE 12.1. In both systems I have the same problem with Audacity 2.0. When I go to Edit > Preferences and hit ok the top menu disappears. Only Fil is displayed as shown here

Anyone has seen this before?

  • Pascal

It’s a known bug related to the version of WxWidgets. It seems to occur when Audacity is built against WxWidgets 2.8.12.
If you look in Audacity “Help > About Audacity > Build Information” it should say, in the “core libraries” section, which version of WxWidgets Audacity was built with.

The workaround (I’ve only tested this on Debian based distros) is to resize the window and the menus should then reappear.

Thanks! Works for me too, and yes the version is built on wxWidgets 2.8.12.

  • Pascal

Could you tell me, did you build Audacity from source or was it installed from the repositories?
If you built it yourself, is WxWidgets the repository version or self built?

In openSUSE I installed it from the official repository whereas in Fedora 16 I think I installed it from rpmfusion. I may have buit it from source as Fedora’s version doesn’t support mp3. Nevertheless, they both behave identically regarding this bug.

Thanks for the info pligdas.

The bug was already listed on the Audacity bug tracker, but as it did not occur with any “official” builds it was allocated a fairly low status. Now that distros are updating their version of WxWidgets the bug is starting to appear in those official builds and the situation will only get worse 'till it is fixed, so the priority has now been raised so now it is listed as very high priority (“P2”).

Just for the record this problem exist in Ubuntu Studio 12.04 when running with Xfce desktop. The problem does not exist in Ubuntu 12.04 with Unity desktop. In Unity the menu is in the top panel and not in the app’s window.

Thanks irv, I’ve added that to the bug report.

Also occurs using Slacko 5.3.1 If you get the preferences set as needed they remain as selected after a ‘program restart’ then just leave them alone and get on with the project…correct?

The problem has been fixed in wxGTK.

Thanks for the reply Steve. I will endever to learn what wxGTK means now. I’m fairly new to Linux also. The main window resize willdo fine for now.

WxGTK is the “toolkit” from which the Audacity interface is constructed.
It also means that when Slacko update Audacity the problem should be fixed (if it isn’t, complain to the Slacko maintainers).