Cannot Defeat E-E

E to E stands for Electronics to Electronics. The playthrough sound you get when you stop a commercial tape machine. It feeds the studio sound to you live so you can made decisions about the show.

Windows XP, SP3.
Audacity 2.0.1.
Behringer UCA202.
External Powered Rokit 5 Speakers.
iPod with 1/8" to RCA adapter cable.

The speakers are connected to UCA202 Line-Out and an iPod with talk radio sound clips is connected to UCA202 Line-In. That’s it. The motherboard has the traditional AC97 built-in soundcard, but it’s not connected to anything external.

All the relevant Control Panels and Audacity Preferences have USB Audio Codec selected. In and Out.

I know we’re going to laugh about this later. We can plug in the USB device and launch Audacity. Audacity will find “USB Audio Codec” for both recording and playback. I can turn off Playthrough and Overdubbing and I can appear to make a perfectly delightful recording with the speakers running and playing the show.

So right away there’s a disturbance in the force. Where’s the speaker feed coming from? The Audacity green play meters do not bounce.

As near as we can tell, all the volume controls in the all the Sound Control Panels are off.

After I make a recording, I can play it back nicely along with the input sound which is still running and appears to be uninterruptable. Both voices at once.

We’ve been messing in the Control Panels until our fingers bleed. Effects: None, Enhancements: None, Scheme: None.

I can’t reproduce this now that I want it, but I was able to make a recording with both input, and E-E sound at once giving that talking in a barrel, partial cancellation effect and badly unbalanced channels. Not being of sound mind, I didn’t save it.

I have a priest on speed-dial…