Cannot Create Click Track (Re-Installed/Scanned Plugins)!

This is so frustrating. I’ve been struggling with latency issues for about a year now. Saw that 2.0 was released, and installed hoping that would help. Now I can’t even generate a click track. I’ve re-installed the Nyquist and LADSPA plugins (as far as I can tell), and I’ve told Audacity to rescan for VST effects, which it did. But I go to Generate, and my options are limited to: Chirp, DTMF Tones, Noise, Silence, (line break) Nonbandlimited single-sample impulses, sine + cosine oscillator.

Nothing else. Please help. Click tracks are the basis for every one of my projects.

V 2.0.5 for Windows
Installer was the .exe

You said last year you had installed 2.0.3. I don’t recommend going back to 2.0. Get the latest 2.0.5 from .

And if you have tested the latency amount, set it in Recording Preferences and then the latency changes, it’s a computer problem of variable latency. Do you still have the same machine as in ?

Click Track is a Nyquist plug-in (clicktrack.ny) in the Audacity plug-ins folder. If it is not there, reinstall Audacity 2.0.5.

But first of all, do Edit > Preferences, choose “Effects” and make sure “Nyquist” is checked (ticked) under “Enable effects”. I am guessing you unchecked it.


Hi, Gale! And, yes, sorry for the confusion: I “upgraded” (or updated) to 2.0.5 (just edited my original post to add that, before I saw your reply). It was in this switchover from 2.03 to 2.05 where the click vanished. (I, for some reason, thought I was previously using a 1.x version before, but you’re right, it was 2.03)

I do have the same machine. It’s frustrating, because this is a fairly powerful machine with lots of space left, and I do not use it for anything but recording (and very light browsing: email, file transfers, posting on this message board). I don’t use it for anything else. So while I don’t doubt that it’s a computer problem, I am scratching my head as to WHY it’s a computer problem. My much less powerful, much more bogged-down old laptop never had latency issues.

OK, I see the folder, and am looking in there, and that file is not there. I will re-install. Nyquist was not/is not unchecked.

Wow, reinstalled, and it’s there! Now back to my ongoing latency crisis. BTW, I thought last year when we were discussing this, you said new versions would come with auto-correction for latency? Is that still a possibility? If it were, it would make variable latency a non-issue (assuming Audacity corrected it specifically for each take, rather than just making an average or mean correction).

I regard it as an “ideal” but there are no immediate plans for it.