Cannot compile Audacity using VC++ 2008 editor


I have just installed Audacity and I want to build and compile the code.
I am using VC++ 2008 express edition for compilation. I tried to compile and build the code but there are some errors.
I tried to launch audacity.sln file but it says conversion required.
Can anyone tell me how can I compile the code?
Do I need to download any dll?

There are instructions about how to compile the HEAD development code (1.3.14 alpha) on the Wiki:

The audacity.sln in HEAD is meant for Visual C++ 2008, so If you get a conversion error that suggests to me you got the wrong Audacity download. Are you compiling Audacity 1.2.6 for some reason? If you need to do that and VC++ 2008 won’t convert the .sln and .vcproj files, try .