Cannot Associate .WAV files with Audacity

OS: Windows 10 x64 v1803
Audacity v 2.3.0 (also tried v2.2.2)


I have a .WAV file which i would like to associate with Audacity, that is when i double click it i want it to open Audacity automatically.
I have tried the following.

Navigated to “Choose a default app for each type” - found the .wav extension and tried to associate it with Audacity…no joy.
Within Exporer - Right clicked the .wav file and selected Properties - Opens With - Click Change, selected Audacity…no joy. Although selecting VLC will associate it with this and other programs.

Uninstalled , cleaned the registry, reinstalled…no joy.

Any help.

Thanks in advance.


See this topic:

Hi All,

I did resolve this myself but thanks for the info Steve.

Open a cmd window with admin rights.
Entered the following.

assoc .wav=wavFile

Then enter.

Ftype wavFile=“C:\Program Files (x86)\Audacity\Audacity.exe” “%1”

This will associate the file type .wav to audacity, you then have to right click the .wav file, select Properties, click Change, Select Audacity and click OK. If you double click the file it should open the wav file.

Hope this helps others.

Gopher. :smiley: