Cannot add to Audio Track


Im creating a podcast by speaking in front of my computer in stages, adding to the presentation every day or so, as I have the time. My problem is that, when I come back to the job and click the ‘Record’ button, a new track is created at the end instead of simply continuing on the original track. Also, when I try to insert something in the middle of the original track, a new track is created and both tracks play together.

Im guessing that there is a proceedure but I do not have much experience with Audacity. Can someone tell me how to do it please?

Just use the Transport > Append Record command - or its shortcut Shift + R or Shift + Record button


To clarify, Append Record is only for recording at the end of the selected tracks. Audacity does not do “punch in record” in the middle of a track.



May I suggest that, although unnecessary for music, it might be helpful in podcasting. :bulb:

It’s a common feature request but some of us think we should only have a “non-destructive” system where for example the original and retaken sections are stored in “layers”, and that we should not do a destructive punch in that can only be undone immediately afterwards.

Which would you want?


Hi Gale. Im not really experienced enough to have a strong opinion on this. Im grateful that Audacity even exists.

Cheers :slight_smile:


That counts as a vote for a “destructive” method then, unless you change your mind.

With a destructive punch in for example, if you did a punch in, recorded a new track, then wanted to undo the punch in, you can’t do that without undoing the new recording as well. You would have to export the new recording or copy/paste it to a new project to get out of that.