Cannot access full recording due to orphaned files


I have the following issue; I already tried to read up on how to solve my problem on the German forum, but I couldn’t find an answer. So, the issue is the following: We wanted to record a show that lasted for a bit more than 2 hours (we didn’t remember to stop the recording so we have another like 45 minutes of just silence in the recording). Did the usual, saved the recording as a project. I took the laptop with me home and copied the data to my USB-stick, then copied the data to my home computer to edit the recording. (First thing to note: The laptop was Linux, the home computer is Windows, the USB-stick is not that large - 260 MB stick for roughly 220 MB of data, although that shouldn’t be the issue.) I first had to solve a few issues with loading the ffmpeg library, but this works out now and the library is being loaded. However, both before and after I fixed that issue, I had the following notice in the protocol:

Warning: Orphaned Block-file: “…\e00\d00\”

And this four times, so I have four orphaned files total. And this makes up the next issue: Of the total 2 and a bit hours of recording, I can only access and edit roughly the first 10 minutes. I then checked if I had the same issue on the Linux system where we actually recorded the show, and yes indeed, that has the same issue. I am a bit clueless right now, so I hope you can help me.

Oh, and I am using Windows 10 and the latest audacity 2.1.3. (I installed that with .exe over my previous 2.0.5, Linux has Audacity 2.0.5, fresh install.)

Greetings, looking forward to your answer!

I couldn’t think what sounded off about that.

roughly 220 MB of data

A two hour, forty five minute stereo project comes in at about 1.8GB. Not 220MB. Roughly half that for mono, so 900MB. Where did you get 220MB from?