canicreate error [SOLVED]

I have two problems with audacity,
1: when I try to chance preferences I get the error :…/temp/audacity_temp/canicreate is not writable.
I have looked and the map does not exist.
2: when I open a mp3 file the spectrum stays empty and there is no sound,
wav file’s works fine.
what did I do wrong
(I have windows 8.1pro)

Please, take a look at the pink panel at the top of the page and give us all three numbers for the Audacity version.

Do you choose to read the WAV file “directly” when Audacity asks you that question, rather than copy in the file? If so that could mean you are almost out of disk space.

Open Edit > Preferences… then the “Directories” section. Make sure you have permission to write to that location. Ensure you have at least 10 GB of space on that drive if you are editing three-minute songs. If you are editing hours of audio you need 200 GB of space or more.

It can also happen that cleanup applications will randomly delete your Audacity temp files when they get round to it, or anti-virus apps will scan the Audacity temp folder and lock it while they are scanning.

Norton will delete your Audacity temp files by default. If you have Norton, turn off its Windows temporary file cleaner or set it to manual operation. In any security app you have, add an exception so that it does not scan in Audacity’s temp folder.


Thank You Gale for your reaction,
sorry for not give the information this forum asked for in the pink panel,
I have windows 8.1pro
the version of Audacity I have is 2.1.1
and I think I have obtained the .exe installer.

I did choose read the WAV file “directly” and yes, I am almost out of diskspace,
I have 30Gb free diskspace of a total of 341Gb
the file’s I want to edit are just about 5Mb,
with playing WAV file’s there is no problem.
the problem is playing and editing mp3 file’s and change preferences

I don not know or I have permission to write on the map,
and I don’t know if there is cleanup application or an anti virus app on my computer witch will delete my audacity temp files. I will ask my system administrator.

kind regards

I suggest you make some more space on your drive, and change the Audacity temp folder to somewhere you know you have permission to write to, such as your own Documents folder.

Also, each time after you have exported your work to WAV or MP3, be sure to CTRL + W to clear the Audacity temporary space.

If you need any more help after talking to your system administrator please let us know.


hello Gale
I have made some more space on my drive,
and I have changed the temp folder to my documents folder,
(I did not have permission to make changes in the map)
Audacity works fine again, as it was before!
thank You very much for your help,