cancelling out polarity postive and negative.

hi there, i’m looking for something for sound to umm cancell out the polarity of postive and negative for sound left and right. can some this so that the sound is the same. sounds perfect. why do you ask the sounds so bad even faded out polarity can even gain sound too. the negative polarity destroys the sound. the positive even sounds pefect without the polarity. ask more questions if you want on this subject. i don’t have anyone with me right here in m room to have them ask question.

I don’t quite understand what you are saying or what you’re asking…

You can invert one channel by clicking the drop-down arrow to the left of the waveform and selecting Split Stereo Track. Then select/highlight one of the channels and apply Effect → Invert.

If one channel is accidentally inverted, that will fix it. (One channel can be sometimes be inverted relative to the other when a stage/studio mic is used on a computer.)


Audio is AC* and we can’t hear polarity (or phase) except when it’s relative to another sound. If you invert the polarity of both channels you won’t hear any difference. Many amplifiers invert the polarity but we never know it because both channels are the same.

If you invert the polarity of one channel, “centered” sounds (sounds that are identical in both channels) will cancel when the sound waves mix acoustically in the air. The bass is usually centered and it will be greatly reduced. Higher frequencies can “sound strange”, especially as you move around because the shorter wavelengths of different frequencies are in or out of phase at different places in the room.

With headphones you may not hear any difference with one channel inverted because the sound waves never mix together.


  • AC doesn’t really have a polarity… It’s positive half the time and negative half the time.

You could be describing making a stereo track mono, or could be rectification , (the latter sounds distorted).