Can you use Audacity as a medium for microphone use?

I was wondering if I could use my Blue Yeti via Audacity and have audacity remove the background noise as I was casually using it. I guess I am saying can you live remove background noise? And, Can you speak through Audacity and output the audio almost instantly (with the background noise gone) into the program you are using it for? Say maybe skype through Audacity and live remove the background noise etc…

Thanks a lot if anyone helps

Real Time Effects is a Frequently Request Feature that we Don’t Have Yet.


Well then, do you know of any alternatives I can use for this purpose?

What sort of “background noise”?

Both whitenoise and fan noise. I’m just using Adobe Audition and VAC, it works perfect. Problem solved

An instance where noise-suppression “enhancement” on the sound-card should be switched on …