Can you use a mono input audio channel other than 1?

Hey, i’m inquiring whether anyone has run across this problem. I am running Audacity 2.0.5 with Mac Sierra, using a MOTU 8pre audio interface.

I’ve got two microphones going thru a preamp and coming into channels 5 and 6 and i’m trying to record them into Audacity (i’m miking an instrument and have the mics in two distinct locations, which i would like to mix later). The default Input Channels setting is “2 (Stereo) Input Channels”. All i’ve tried to do (so far) is to change that to channel 5, so that i can record one of the mics. Audacity crashes EVERY time i hit the record key. If i change it from the default to “1 (Mono) input channel”, that “works”, meaning it doesn’t crash Audacity, but of course, it doesn’t record anything.

I’ve got my Audio Host set to “Core Audio”, my Output Device set to “MOTU 8pre” and Input Device set to “MOTU 8pre”. Can Audacity do this simple thing? Can anyone think of any settings that i should maybe check? I’ve got a couple of other programs on my computer that record audio (Logic and Ableton Live) and both of those work just fine with their version of the settings described above. I “can” use those, but Audacity seems like a simpler solution, and maybe it’s not.

The current version is 2.1.3 and is available here:

One of the reasons that Audacity is simpler, is because it leaves out some of the advanced features that are found in more complicated audio recording software. One example being that Audacity does not have input channel mapping. Audacity always treats the first input channel as “channel 1”, the second as “channel 2”, and so on. So if you want to record just one mic, you need to either plug it into channel 1 of your audio hardware, or use your hardware’s configuration tools to map the input channels.

According to the motu website, the MOTU 8pre audio interface has an application called “CueMix” for configuring the inputs. Can’t that do what you want?

Thanks for the advice and attempts to help! Yes, CueMix is the software version of the digital interface. I’m either not using it right, or it doesn’t do what i want it to. The 8pre is an older interface and the CueMix that came with it doesn’t have many of the features that the modern one does. There are tutorials for CueMix that involve the ability to set up mixes, but i don’t see that my version of the software allows me to do anything like that. I’ve got two microphones going into channels 5 and 6. I can monitor those levels inside CueMix and the levels are registering. My choice of outputs is very limited, i’ve got ‘Phones 1-2’, Main Out 1-2, and a series of ADAT outputs. I’m routing the mics to Main Out 1-2 and that is working as well. I can hear what my mics are recording and Logic works as well, if i set the input channels appropriately (5 and 6). I guess that i’m not sure what i would change in order to get Audacity to recognize the audio. When i set the recording channel to either a) 1 (Mono) or b) 2 (Stereo), it doesn’t receive the signal. I would think that i would set it to 5, since that is the physical channel that i am recording into, but that causes Audacity to crash. If i understand you right, you are wondering if CueMix has a way for me to route input from channel 5 audio to channel 1 mono (which i don’t see a way to do) or main out 1/2, and there Audacity doesn’t pick up any signal.

Anything spring to mind for you? Does channel ‘5’ in Audacity correspond to input channel ‘5’ on my 8pre?

I’d suggest that you check with Motu that you have the most recent drivers and software for your version of the 8pre. Old drivers on a new operating system is likely to cause problems.