Can you record "What You Hear" on Audacity 2.0.4

Hi everyone:

Can you please tell me on the latest version of Audacity 2.0.4 can it record “what you hear?”

I have a Windows 7 computer and on all previous versions through Windows XP all the recording software would pick up a microphone or if you patched in audio/video into the computer.

Once Windows 7 came out any software I had ever used would not pick up “what you hear.”

Will I be able to use a microphone and or headset with this version to record voice?

Thank you as always,

Yes. Please see the Manual: Audacity Manual .

Yes if you have working microphones or headsets and a working sound card with the correct drivers ( Missing features - Audacity Support ).

You may need to show and enable inputs in Windows and you will need to choose which input you want to record from in Device Toolbar .


Thank you Gale for quick reply!