Can you raise the noise floor level in a recorded Track?

I’m recording a book for ACX. Unfortunately, in this one track, my noise floor level is -93, too low. I tried selecting the first few seconds, where the level is in the -80s, as a Noise Reduction, then applying that to the entire track, but that does not resolve the issue. I tried Amplify but that only amplifies recorded sound it seems. Am I forced to redo the entire track? Thankfully it’s not too long, but if I come across this issue in a longer track, I’d like to know if there is a way to resolve it other than having to rerecord the track. I can’t find this info via Search. Using latest Windows version. tks.

-93, too low.

It’s impossible. Nobody can record directly into -93dB. You had to have applied processing or audio corrections, or had them applied for you.

ACX isn’t fond of that. It’s too easy to make the track sound weird. Putting the noise back in with post-production processing isn’t a terrifically good option because it may make the sound damage worse. Plus it won’t match everything else. ACX needs everything to match.

Announce a 10 second sound test and post it. We can dance around this forever by guessing at it.

Read down the blue links. They’re very short. No Processing. Announce, cut to length, export WAV, and post it.