Can you play vinyl records through your Mac's speakers?

I have recentlt installed Audacity for my MAC and it seems to record vinyl records onto MP3’s.

I assumed that one could also use Audacity to ‘play’ vinyl records through the computer speakers. Hpowever, when I try this it does not. I have checked all the speaker settings and the input is USB Audio CODEC and the output is Headphones (as normal - where speakers are plugged into).

Maybe it is not possible just to use Audacity as just a means to a playback facility (instead of one’s HI FI) but I thought it this was possible?

Please enlighten me??!



Enable “Software Playthrough” in “Transport menu > Transport Options”.

Note that because the audio signal is being routed through software, there is a bit of delay before the sound comes out through the computer speakers. Typically the delay is around half a second.

If it’s a USB turntable, virtually all of them have line-level analog outputs. With the right adapter/cables you can plug it directly into your powered computer speakers.