Can you make all pitches uniform?

Hi, I’ve never used this program, but I’ve heard it’s good. I was wondering if there’s a simple way to take a song or any audio file and change all the pitches throughout it so that there is just one constant pitch. I’m interested in simulating the experience of someone with amusia. Thanks!

In my 2 minutes of searching, I can’t really find a psychoacoustic analysis of exactly how the brain is failing to process this information. It seems that people with this condition can recognize and process voices (even picking out who’s speaking), but cannot process “musical” information. But I don’t know exactly what these people are “hearing” that is different from what most other people hear.

I’m sure something could be made to re-create this type of audio (though not necessarily a plug-in for use on existing audio), but we would need a description of the psychoacoustic processing involved. Do you have any info on what exactly is going on? Does this info even exist? I don’t think this is a well-studied phenomenon.

Very interesting topic though.