Can you edit a rhythm track?

Can you change the attributes that are available when you first create a rhythm track after you’ve left that window? Or do you just have to re-create it from scratch?


You can force a track to change rhythm, pitch, etc, during post production editing, but what those tools actually do is rip the track sounds apart, mangle them to a new standard and smash them back together again. It usually sounds like that, too, not even counting the time it takes. Far better to make a new one with the Generate tool. Was it just a speed problem, or did you pick the wrong syncopation?


Thanks. No problem, really. I hadn’t created a final project by a long shot. I just wondered if I could change the tempo or something without re-creating. But re-creating isn’t a problem. Thanks again.

Change > Tempo is the one that can make things sound like bad cellphone.

Change > Speed is the one that sounds like dragging your finger on the record or playing it at the wrong speed. Change Speed can be handy if you have a track at the wrong speed because of a sampling rate error or other digital or transmission damage. It doesn’t try to re-engineer the sound and it does the least damage of the tools.