Can You Correct Warped Sounding Source Material?

I’ve been using Audacity for several months to convert my vinyl to MP3. I’m not happy with how all of my vinyl sounds now that I hear it, often for the first time in many years. Some songs sound a little warped – particularly keyboard parts – and I’m not sure if it’s my vinyl (kept in a cool, dry place and doesn’t look warped) or perhaps just that some of the '70s material I’m dubbing was never pitch perfect to begin with. Since you can seemingly fix anything else these days, is there a function of Audacity that would allow me to correct warped sounding vinyl?


please don’t double post: it only wastes people’s time and annoys them - and it doesn’t get your problem answered any quicker. See my response to your same posting in the other thread.

I have locked this thread to prevent a parallel set of responses to the same problem developing.