Can you adjust the tone and bass levels?

Hi everyone.

I have just got a Usb turntable with the Audacity software. There is no manual with it so I am flying blind.I have recorded a few tracks and have worked out how to export it in mp3 format to my mp3 player,but when listening to it it sounds a bit tinny almost as if the tone level is too high.Please does anyone know if there is a way of reducing it?

a similar question was posted a few weeks ago,

although not exactly the same problem you should find some answers.

Baically if you go tho the effects drop down menu there is an option for setting the eq. have a play and youll be able to improve the sound greatly.


Yes, but.

The voices in my head are yelling that it shouldn’t be tinny in the first place. If you play Audacity after the capture but before the export, does it sound OK?