Can we lock wave position while edit its previous sections?


Can some one please share some insight…would it be possible to lock the wave position while we edit its previous sections?

For example, when we edit (trim or extend) the sections in green circle, can we lock the wave behind the red vertical bar in their position? This way, after we edit the wave in green circle, we don’t have to adjust wave position behind the red bard.
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Split at red line.

Thanks for the information. I tried but it doesn’t give what I’m looking for. Please see screenshot below for details.

I could split the original track to two parts (1st part and 2nd part in screenshot below). However, when I delete the highlighted section in the 1st part, the 2nd part moves to forward. Would it be possible to keep the 2nd part in its place without moving after we edit (trim or extend) sections in the 1st part?
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Option 1: Split Delete

Option 2: Move either the first part, or the second part, to a new track.
Easiest way to do this is:
a) Add a new track (mono or stereo to match the original track)
b) With the Time Shift tool, “Shift + Click and drag” one of the audio clips to the new track. (Holding the shift key down ensures that the clip moves down to the new track without moving left or right).

We may be overthinking this. Do you just want to keep the waves from moving? You can “Pin” the waveform, do what you want and then unpin it.

Screen Shot 2018-12-28 at 14.09.03.png

Thank you for the information.

“Option 1: Split Delete” seems working okay. I can delete a section in part 1, then move the edited part 1 to right side to merge with part 2 while part 2 remains in its original position.

I don’t see how to make the pin work for my case, but it sounds like another option.

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