Can v3.3.3 open projects created in earlier version with separate project file & data folder?

I use v3.3.3. I have many old projects created 2018-21 in earlier versions that used a separate project file (.aup) and data folder for a given project. Can v3.3.3 open such a project? (Assume a project’s roject file and data folder are in the same Windows folder.)

If not, how can such an old project be opened?

.aup projects can be imported and then either saved as .aup3 or exported as wav, mp3 or something else.

We should remember that all the old project rules still apply. Both the AUP file and the _DATA folder have to be in the same folder or location and both have to be named the same.


Yes, I remember that. Both the AUP and _DATA folders satisfy this requirement.

Such files and folders uploaded to and then downloaded from MS OneDrive have been usable for opening old projects in 3.3.3.

However, such files and folders copied to an external drive with MS File History (which modifies the destination file name) and then copied back on my local C: drive have not been usable, even after the restored files were renamed back to their original versions and saved in the same C: folder. I don’t understand why.

Since Windows 7, Microsoft has offered a convenient way to back up your data to an external drive connected to your PC.

Apparently, this is not intended to “copy stuff over there and then copy it back.” It’s part of a formal backup service.

File-History024-01-10 at 2.12.30 PM

Google or DuckDuckGo your brains out.


Koz: You’re right that Windows File History is part of a formal backup service, but the purpose of this service if I understand right is to allow selectively restoring files rather than restoring all backed-up files at once. However, given that (1) FH renames files (adding a suffix to the initial name) when backing them up and (2) Audacity doesn’t recognize the files after they are restored to the initial C: drive even if the names are changed back to the original version and all of a project’s files (aup file and data folder for v2.x) are restored to the same C: drive folder, FH seems incompatible with Audacity for some strange reason. Windows OneDrive doesn’t seem to have the renaming problem so may be more compatible; I’m still researching this.

I am a MAC user, so I’m flying a little blind. This is the first time I’ve experienced Windows File History.

I’ll wear my conspiracy hat for a minute and suggest that Windows File History might “work best” with Microsoft Products.

I found it super handy to set “Reveal all filename extensions” on my machines. It’s amazingly valuable to know that a software installation has gone all wonky and unpredictable because the machine has renamed MyNewFile.ny to MyNewFile.ny.txt, and then hidden the .txt part to “help me.”


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