Can Typing Noise be Eliminated?

I’ve recorded 30 podcasts (MP4 converted to MP3), which sound good. However, the last 3, recorded my typing as the interviewees are speaking. None of the others has any typing noise. I think I had the laptop audio unmuted. Is there any way that Audacity can strip out the typing noise? Or is there any other program that can? I’m sick that I have 3 great interviewees whose important information has typing noise during the conversation. Thank you.

:frowning: I doubt it…

You can try [u]Click Removal[/u] (automatic) or [u]Repair[/u] (manual) but I suspect they will either be ineffective or the cure may be sores than the disease.

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: ….When I’ve called AT&T support and talk to the voice-recognition system the computer says “let me look that up” and it makes fake typing noises.

DVDDoug – thank you for your suggestions! Unfortunately, they don’t seem to work. Any other suggestions on the MP4 or MP3 recording? Is there any way that we can talk? Thank you.

on the MP4 or MP3 recording?

You dug yourself many holes. You can’t edit compressed sound tracks such as MP3 and MP4 without the mpeg compression distortion going up. Audacity has to decompress the work to edit and correct it which means it has to make a whole new MP3/4 when you’re done. The honky compression distortion multiplies.

That and the works are compressed which means there is compression distortion built-in making it harder for the automated correction tools to work.

There is one odd thing you might try. Set up your system exactly as you had it for the bad recordings and just record several seconds of keyboard clicking at your normal pace and timing. Open the show as a second track. Select the keyboard track by clicking just right of the up arrow. Effect > Noise Reduction > Profile. Select the show file and apply noise reduction at the default settings.

Let us know if that helped.

It is recommended you Export a WAV (Microsoft) 16-bit sound file of your raw recording before you do anything to it. That’s the warranty against having to produce the show again if anything happens before publishing.


I hired someone who was able to delete the clicks through Adobe software. Thank you.

I hired someone who was able to delete the clicks through Adobe software. Thank you.

Now please post details about how they did it. Remember this is a forum, users helping each other, not a Help Desk. Post contact information for the company. Any other information you can think of.

Problems like this have been posted before and we had no way to help.


I found the person on a YouTube video explaining how to eliminate clicks, and I contacted him. He did the work on Adobe Audition and IzotopeRX6. The recordings are much better and publishable, although not perfect. He doesn’t want his info posted, since he doesn’t normally do this work. I think he helped me, because I’m a small non-profit that was in desperate need of a solution for three episodes of a healthcare podcast for clinicians.

Did you find out what was causing the recording to pick up the keyboard? Can it be fixed? It would be helpful to know that.

There is a sister posting to yours who violated a studio protocol. They produced two podcasts without ever checking the first one for distortion. And it had some. They were both damaged.

It’s a good thing to least spot check here and there each one as you finish and may have saved you a lot of work.

Good recording hygiene says to Export each performance as WAV (Microsoft) 16-bit instead of one of the compressed formats. Then do your compressing and other submission and posting work. I’ll put serious money the repairs on your last three shows would have gone much better if they had access to clear, perfect, uncompressed WAV files instead of compressed MP4 or MP3. Both MP4 and MP3 produce sound damage. Their claim to fame is the ability to cleverly and effectively hide the damage. This process falls apart when you have to convert them to something else or fix one.