Can tracks be separated and labeled for export to MP3?

I have searched the manual and come up dry. I have been working on digitizing vinyl but always end up with an album side as one lump, so that it isn’t possible to listen to a single song or avoid one when using my Ipod. Is there a way to break tracks up the way they are on CDs?

This tutorial in the manual will probably help:

Ok – I figured out how to export individual songs with titles. If I group them in a folder then I can import into ITunes. But it says “Unknown Album”. Any tricks to get the album label to show up?

Where does it say “Unknown Album”? It sounds like you did not add metadata tags to the songs when you exported. See Metadata Editor - Audacity Manual.


Well – I figured it out yesterday, and it was dealing with the MP3 folder, not in Audacity. Now if I could only remember how I did it…I really appreciate the direction on splitting up and naming songs. I tested it on my Ipod and it looks perfect, with all of the song names showing up.

I expoert frequently for iTunes use. I prefer to manage the metadats (apart from the song names) in iTunes. I also prefewr to export to 16-bit WAV and use iTnes to make the compressed verrsion. I also archive the WAV files to extrnal USB disks.

See this workflow I wrote for the Audacity Manual: