Can tracks be moved in and out based on data

Can tracks be moved in and out based on database/programming manipulation?

If “yes,” what programming language would I need to accomplish this?


You will need to describe what you want to do in a lot more detail.

I build information “on the fly” based based on database calls (selections) as executed through a programming language.

I would like to automatically build custom audio information, selecting tracks through a programming language and database calls.

Right now, I can do this manually based on structured criteria. I’ve given each track in my project a unique number which could correspond to a record in a database.

The question I have is whether I can manipulate tracks programmatically using ??? programming language linked to a database.


You could possibly do it in C++, but I’m unclear why you want to use Audacity for this.
You seem to imply that you are wanting to do real-time manipulations, but Audacity does very little in real time.
Audacity has some experimental scripting support, but Audacity is primarily designed as a non-real-time graphical application.

In short, how does this relate to Audacity, and would it not be easier to just incorporate an audio I/O library into your program, in whatever programming language you are most familiar with?