Can this tape be fixed?

I found a box of cassette tapes at a yard sale of the book “The Mists of Avalon.” I’ve been transferring the tapes to CD and, when I came across the 5th tape of book I, I found that the entire tape has an echo, actually it sounds like more than one. Is there any way to remove this? I’m not a techno when it comes to Audacity as I only started using it recently for this project. I’m attaching a WAV file.

You can only post a really tiny WAV file, so prepare it again as a very high quality MP3 file and that should be OK. 128 if it’s mono and 265 if it’s stereo.

However, don’t spill your coffee in excitement. We can’t take echoes out of a performance. Even if it was possible to generate an accurate equal but opposite cancellation waveform, it might only work a short time before the physical deterioration of the tape would throw the settings off. The echo would come back or worse, you could create a new one.

Chances are good that the physical deterioration of the tape is what caused the echo. It’s called “Print-Through” and it happens on really old analog tapes.

Missed a step.


Thanks, Koz. Sorry it took me so long to get back to this subject, long week! Here’s what I hope will be a file that will help. I understand what you’re telling me, but if there’s anyway to just fade it more. This occured on 2-3 of the tapes out of the first 10 transferred.