Can this recording be saved? I accidently had the limiter on when recording.

I taped this a few years ago, and in my haste to get the recording started, i must have turned on the built in limiter.
I was using an mv88 on an iphone5 using the MOTIV app.
So basically any levels that were too high got restricted while recording.
Im curious if there are any fixes or ways to improve this recording.

Audio sample 1

Q. Can this recording be saved?
A. IMO, No.

But massive amounts of multi-band compression makes it sound like a bootleg recording …

The “pressure” knob on this free KSHMR plugin is 4 band compression,
“comp” is single band. Use both types, repeatedly, for the bootleg sound.

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would you be interested in processing this file for me if I share a link? I dont really have a background in audio and dont know what im doing. YOur sample sounds great.